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Wednesday 8 February 2023 - 18:26 (UTC +1)

Member Registration Form

Member Registration Form

If you wish to have a Facility profile in the Inventory and use the system for searching for information you must register first.

To this end the following information must be provided:

  • Basic information about the organisation
  • Details of a Contact Person
  • Details of a person responsible for the facility profile
  • System access configuration


Mother Organisation

Contact Person

Please provide Contact Persons, who are authorised to provide technical information for the interested ERNCIP Inventory users about your Facility's services, capabilities, equipments etc.

Name Delete

Access Rights

Profile Management

Please define the persons who will have the right to modify this profile.

Responsible Person

Name Delete

The Responsible Person is a person who will have access to the system and will be able to modify the description of the facility. As responsible persons you should provide details of all the people who have the right to change information about the facility or should be informed by email whenever such a change occurs.

N.B: The Responsible Person's data will NOT be visible to the users of the Inventory. This is rather a technical role with the right to edit and modify the profile. Responsible Person(s) can be the same as the Contact Person(s).

Rights to Search Functionality

All the employees of your organisation have the right to use the search functionality of the ERNCIP Inventory. To make this possible, here you can specify the email domain/s used by your organis ation. If you have e.g. as a domain, all the owners of emails like will be allowed to use the system.

If you do not have corporate e-mail domain or some of your employees do not have corporate e-mail address, please specify their email addresses individually. The owners of the email addresses specified in the list will also be allowed to use the system.

E-mail Domains/E-mails

E-mail Domains/E-mails Delete

Specify the email domain(s) used by your organisation. If you had as a domain all the owners of emails in the from will be allowed to use the system.

Specify individual email addresses. The owners of all the email addresses specified will be allowed to use the system.

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